A downloadable game for Android

You have accidentally activated a portal to another planet using your phone, and are now stuck on the other side. Try to activate it again with help of the cryptic looking symbols to get back home. All inputs on the phone are used when playing.

For Android.

Made for Global Games Jam 2016


Gandhi's Game:This game must have zero violence in its game play. Conflicts must have resolutions based on logic.

Story Mode:No cutscenes, text boxes or interruption of gameplay. Use player actions for all your storytelling.

Loudmouth:All audio assets are created by sounds from your mouth.

LEGO got it right:There are no spoken or written words in this game. This is even true in the instructions.

Tools And Technologies: Unity (any product)Installation Instructions:


Julia Nilsson - Art

Tom Marcham - Code

Stuart McInally - Art and sound

Sean Thurmond - Code

Video Link: https://youtu.be/3IWTKPfDE4Q

Install instructions

Put on phone and select in a file browser, either that or install to phone.


finalbuild.apk 24 MB

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